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Growing is my passion.

How to Make Your bouquet last

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Just because one flower in your bouquet has faded does not mean the bouquet is done.  Learn how to stretch their life.


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We share tips, tricks, and ideas for incorporating the beauty of the garden into everyday living.

Wedding party of bride and bridesmaids holding their designed diy flowers

When buying and designing your own DIY wedding flowers, there is a lot to be prepared for. Make this plan ahead and you’ll have no problems.

What to Expect When Ordering Flowers from a Farmer-Florist; How Much They Cost and What You Need to Know Understanding how to order wedding flowers and what to expect when visiting with a florist will empower you to enter the conversation confidently. While it’s impossible to provide all the details for every wedding, walking through […]

A lush floral arrangement with a few bottles of flowers on a tablescape.

It can be challenging to understand how many DIY flowers you will need when designing your wedding flowers. Several factors need to be considered


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Successful flower farming begins with sound organizing and office-to-field business planning.


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After 15 years of intense flower farming, we have insights to share about our past, present, and future.

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