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Delivery to City of Bonners Ferry and Three Mile area  |  $10
Delivery up to Moyie Springs  |  $10- $15
Delivery to up to Naples, Idaho or Mt. Hall School |  $15 - $20
Delivery Past Naples, Moyie Springs, or Mt. Hall  |  $35 - $50

Delivery Areas + Price

Blue Delivery Area  - $10
Orange Delivery Area  $15- $20
Green - Remote Delivery - $35 - $50

Delivery Details

Remote Delivery : We are a huge county. If you ask us to deliver to the Idaho/Montana border or the Canadian/Idaho border, to a home that is 10 miles off the main road with no house number and barely a road... and we miraculously find it but there is a giant German Shepherd dog between us, and the front door and we no longer have cell service?? that is $50. But seriously...

Delivery is $1 per mile, round trip. Google your delivery address to see how far it is from our studio and double the miles. Then choose the delivery fee that is closest.

Our studio is at : 2431 Moon Shadow Road, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

We deliver Monday thru Friday. Our cutoff time for same day delivery is 1pm. At 2pm we head out to make all the deliveries. 

We can try to accommodate that request if it is necessary. You will need to make a special note to the florist when you are ordering.

What if I need a delivery before 2pm?

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