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Yes, we do. Some people want to just check us out and see what a flower farm looks like. We have a few options:
  1. Free - just let us know when you and/or your small group wants to come, and you can walk around unguided. We’ll double check our calendar to make sure we don’t have something big going on. Just check in at the studio and we’ll point you in the right direction. Shoot us an email.
  2. Guided tour - We will walk you around, talk about varieties of flowers, answer questions and generally try to be interesting and entertaining. Then you are all free to walk around and further explore and investigate. $75 Click here to book your group.
  3. Book the Quick Basic Design Class – In this class, you will have a design presentation, design your own flowers, and then you are free to walk around the farm unguided. You take your flowers home. $45 ea. person. Click here to book The Quick Basic Design Class.

Q: Do you do farm tours?

I wouldn’t say we necessarily have a storefront florist shop for walk-in customers. We do have an unmanned farm stand that is open 24/7/365. Our design studio is a space that can get pretty messy as we create, seed, and work. But if we are not pressed for time and you need something special you can come to the studio and place an order.

Q: Do you allow walk-ins?

We offer everyday flower delivery Monday thru Friday. Our cutoff time for same day delivery is 1pm. At 2pm we head out to make all the deliveries.

Q: Do you deliver flowers?

We can try to accommodate that request if it is necessary. You will need to make a special note to the florist when you are ordering.

Q: What if I need a delivery before 2pm?

We have $10, $15, $20, $35, $50 delivery areas. But if you ask us to deliver to the Idaho/Montana border or the Canadian/Idaho border, to a home that is 10 miles off the main road with no house number and barely a road and we miraculously find it but there is a giant German Shepherd dog between us, and the front door and we no longer have cell service??... that is more. We are a huge county. I suggest googling your delivery address to see how far it is from the city of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. (That is what we will do.) A detailed list of our delivery area and fees is here.

Q: How much does it cost to have flowers delivered?

Q: Am I able to order something that is not on your website?

Likely,  email me a photo or description of what you are thinking. We will let you know if we can do it along with a price quote.
We have stopped doing delivery, installation, and strike for weddings for the year 2023. We have moved into creating wedding packages that can be picked up here at the farm. Most people choose to send a friend. Occasionally a delivery can be arranged but please be super realistic about the actual time and cost of that delivery. If you are really wanting an install, like an arbor, we can create the basic elements with some misc. bulk flowers added on, and you will be able to easily attach them and smooth it out for a natural and seamless appearance.
U-Pick raspberry season is  from July thru the 2nd week of August.  We will be creating a page dedicated to our raspberry season.  Watch for details.

Q: Do you do full-service weddings?

Q: When is is time to pick raspberries?

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