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A gift of fresh flowers can last for weeks. It’s a fun challenge to see how
long you can keep some part of that original bouquet alive. You should be able to re- work our bouquets down until all you have is just a few stems in a tiny vase on the kitchen windowsill. (#Flowersstillgoing)

Sometimes a stem will even root and can be planted in the garden or perhaps it has dried beautifully and can be placed on a shelf next to a photo or book.

And the journey doesn't have to end. We grow over 150 varieties of specialty cut flowers. So there is always something new and exciting to enjoy.

It’s a Floral Journey.

- Paula Rice

Flowers that have been picked at the perfect time, are on a journey. It is fascinating to watch a flower come into its full beauty, hang out at that peak stage... and then slowly fade. This process is part of the gift of receiving flowers. Even in the fading stages, there is so much to enjoy and wonder at. Sometimes, I swear, that little flower... rather than die... is just going to melt into the atmosphere.

The Experience

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is in the flowers we choose
      our knowledge.


The secret of what we do

We know the perfect stage to cut for each variety and the proper processing technique to ensure a long vase life. That expertise brings extra value to your floral experience. 

We deliver farm-fresh, garden-grown blooms that are unique, memorable, and long-lasting.

We grow over 150 varieties. See all the different styles, colors, and floral fauna we produce.

If you do something, something will happen.

How did we get here? I have a simple motto.

As a team we work hard every day to raise the bar not only on quality, but also on presentation and communicating your message through flowers. With an emphasis on new & different, we are continually innovating fresh designs. It brings us great joy to partner with you to lift spirits and make the world a more beautiful place.

About Paula Rice, Owner and Grower.

  1. Passion is serious fuel... but be careful. You have to match it to good business practices.
  2. My favorite flower is the one that’s in season.
  3. I have nine productive, society-enriching, lovely children. They are my most favorite flowers.
  4. Faith, Family & Friendship make you rich. That’s what it’s all about.
  5. People are like flowers: In every stage of life, you are unique and beautiful.

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It is an incredible gift to have the desire to want to do something; To dream a dream.

When my husband asked if we were going to eat all those flowers in the vegetable garden, I dreamed that dream. Those early years were tough, most florists looked at you with eyebrows raised and a questioning look, “You mean you picked these from your garden?” “Yes”, I replied. “Here are some free samples for you to try." 

- Paula Rice

BeeHaven Flower Farm was born.

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"People remember how you made
them feel."

Flowers transform not only our emotions but also our very environments. They’re important in celebrating life’s moments and they are the right choice. I want to thank you for supporting our work.


High Quality

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Our flowers are sustainably and locally grown which brings a much higher quality product to the table. Stage of harvest for each variety is key to maximizing the vase life. I walk the field every night to plan for the next day.


Being a local grower, we get to pick our flowers at the proper time and in the perfect stage... not too early and not too late. And because they’re fresh and haven’t been shipped, they have movement and bounce and look wonderful.

Long-Vase Life

Because our flowers are fresh, they last a VERY long time. We guarantee that, when you use BeeHaven Flowers, you will be 100% satisfied with how long they last, how fresh they are, and how nice they smell.

Abundant Variety

When you have a variety to choose
from, you can really let your creativity come alive. That is our biggest market niche, we can provide unique flowers and fillers you cannot get anywhere else.

Meet the Team

I couldn't do this by myself

The Agitator

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The Southern Girl

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The Transplant

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The Seasonal Crew

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My Family

get to know my family

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The Agitator


To know Cassie is to get caught up in her passionate zest for life! Cassie never meets a stranger, her expressive enthusiasm and ability to connect with people instantaneously make you feel welcome.  

She’s married to a fourth-generation grain farmer, which means she’s no stranger to digging in the dirt! While Cassie is a self-proclaimed cactus killer, you’ll find her in the early summer mornings, harvesting flowers with the sun on her skin and dirt in her boots, delighting her co-workers with stories of her other interests, such as event planning and listening to true crime podcasts.

She is our word guru here, involved in marketing, social media, and networking activities. We nicknamed her the “agitator” because she will pop in, mix up a few great ideas, whip up a bunch of posts, roll out a plan and doublecheck the farm stand. Her efforts get our work out into the world.  

The Southern Girl


Amy was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana and followed her heart to the north in 2019 to marry the man of her dreams.  

Her paradise is her garden, where so goes to rest her mind and get a little dirt under her nails. Her love for all things growing took her to work at a greenhouse at age 15. Amy has a natural feel for flowers and color and has moved through the ranks here to become a floral designer after completing certified courses. 
Her passions are all things food. She loves preparing slow-cooked southern meals and finding new and wonderful ways to bake gluten and dairy-free. She enjoys the natural things of life, adores dogs, and is 100% Sanguine and a touch Choleric.  

The Transplant


Alicia is a newly transplanted resident of Bonners Ferry, arriving in the summer of 2019. She’s a data nerd who loves to dive into research regardless of the topic. She is invaluable to the team for her enthusiasm about anything that grows or crawls. We do not worry with her eyes on the subject; she will see it and catch it.

Following a 34-year career in hospital administrative work, Alicia returned to school to receive a degree in horticulture. She is our greenhouse production assistant, growing beautiful flowers and foliage from seed with a spirit flexible enough to wear any hat the day may bring. She is gifted in sharing how things grow and is the farm’s favorite transplant.

You can find Alicia in the community as a new graduate of the Master Food Safety Advisor program and a program leader for the local gardening group, 9B Gardeners.

The Summer Crew

It takes a lot of hands to get everything planted, cared for, and harvested. When you buy our flowers, you are supporting a bunch of young people, learning how to work and grow in more ways than you can imagine.

It is incredibly valuable for a society that young people have a place for entry-level work and understand the value of the hard tasks of daily work to bring something into being. Thank you for supporting our farm so we can support these guys. We could not do it without them.

My Family

My greatest thanks to my husband (Bill) and our children for living happily in the disciplined and surprising life of farming. This journey has been a moving target, and it is a joy to be with you all and have something to do that is rooted in purpose, togetherness, growth, and movement. 

When it comes to raising a family, my best advice is to take your kids along on the journey of your passions. Will they always love it? Probably not. Our children all worked alongside and grew up under the shadow of their parents until they found jobs elsewhere. It was a lot of funky food, failed attempts, and broken things, but that is how it is supposed to be. That is how they learn to work, enjoy work, and prosper.

When you help them move past the monotony of repeated tasks, you have empowered them to one day create a life built from their own dreams. If we bring our children alongside us in all we do, they will bring their children alongside them in whatever they do, and the world will prosper. Our failures have led to our greatest successes, and they will lead you to yours, too, if you let them.