ep. 02: Blooming From Adversity: Pivoting When You Need To

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Whether you are an inspiring green thumb, a busy mompreneur, or simply seeking a passion, you are in the right place. So grab your gardening gloves and listen while you work, or grab a coffee and relax as you learn how to manage a cut flower garden and business.

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Paula Rice shares 16 years of flower farming wisdom.

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- Meg

"I felt so blessed by stumbling across this podcast.  This series has given me so much hope and encouragement."

- Melissa

 "I am a momma of 8 and you made me feel like I can still thrive in this with a large family. I cannot wait to hear more"

- Sophie

"Such an inspiration. You have such a gift for communicating honestly and winsomely. My new favorite podcast!"

Together, we will uncover the secrets of flower farming, celebrate your blooming business, and support each other to  It's going to be a flower-filled ride. Subscribe & listen to the Learn Cut Flower Growing podcast below.

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