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Funeral & Sympathy

I have never forgotten the beauty of my mother’s funeral.   I experienced the peaceful, healing power of flowers and to this day that memory comforts me.  Flowers are an important part of the funeral and sympathy tradition and I consider it an honor to provide thoughtful, unique, and meaningful florals for this moment.

Custom Funeral Package

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We understand how important it is to create a fitting tribute to your loved one

It is so hard to lose a loved one.  Every life is precious; full of unique experiences, meaningful memories, and countless stories that should never be forgotten.  We are here to help you honor the memory of your beloved in the most meaningful way possible. 

how it works

  1. Fill out and submit the Funeral Details Form below, providing information and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and personal touches.
  2. Create your Custom Funeral Flowers Package below by picking and choosing elements and adding them to your cart. 
  3. Checkout and choose payment method.
  4. I will match your order to your details form when they both come in.
  5. If applicable, we will be in contact with Bonners Ferry Funeral Home to handle details.

Create your Custom Funeral Flowers Order:

Funeral Details Form

Funeral Details  Form

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Order & Delivery

Flowers transform not only our emotions, but also our environments.

How it Works

Order flowers by:
  • Ordering online, or
  • Call us at 208-267-4136


At checkout, give details:
  • Funeral/Service Date
  • Name of Deceased
  • Delivery Place
  • Message for Card  (If applicable)


We create:
We put our mind and heart into
creating something beautiful and meaningful  to express your feelings. Handwritten note
included if applicable)


Delivery or Pickup:
We deliver to the location you choose.  If you order a package, we will be in contact with the funeral director to make arrangements.


Bonners Ferry Funeral Home ⟶

(Need more details about the funeral service?)

(Need more details about the funeral service?)


If you request that your gift of flowers be delivered to the funeral or viewing, we will coordinate with the funeral director to get all the flowers where they need to be.

Q: How will these sympathy flowers get delivered?

Q:  How will the family know that we sent flowers?

We provide 2 cards.  One that will go into the basket with your message and note about the flowers and the other is attached to the flowers saying who they are from.

I wouldn’t say we necessarily have a storefront florist shop for walk-in customers. We do have an unmanned farm stand that is open 24/7/365. Our design studio is a space that can get pretty messy as we create, seed, and work. But if we are not pressed for time and you need something special you can come to the studio and place an order.

Q: Do you allow walk-ins?

We offer everyday flower delivery Monday thru Friday. Our cutoff time for same day delivery is 1pm. At 2pm we head out to make all the deliveries.

Q: Do you deliver flowers?

We can try to accommodate that request if it is necessary. You will need to make a special note to the florist when you are ordering.

Q: What if I need a delivery before 2pm?

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